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Hours of operation

Monday to Thursday  6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Friday:  6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Saturday:  Closed until further notice due to COVID-19

Al White Retirement

Dear Valued Customers and Suppliers

On behalf of the entire staff at Winslow-Gerolamy Motors Limited we would like to congratulate Al White on his retirement  October 22, 2021. Al has been a valued employee for 30 years and has been the face of our Parts Department, outside sales,  for all of those years.  Anyone who has encountered Al knows his wit and expertise.  He will be missed.

Al has been an integral part of the growth and success of our parts department and has been recognized by our customers for excellence in the parts sales experience. Unfortunately due to Covid 19 we are unable to host a proper send off for AL.  We felt it necessary to relay this message to our friends, customers, and suppliers so they too would be able to congratulate AL on this milestone.

We all wish Al and his wife Shiela the best as they embark on this well-deserved time to enjoy spending time with their family. Congratulations Al and enjoy your well-deserved retirement.

The Management and Staff at Winslow-Gerolamy Motors Limited



We are now open to in-store business, while still instrumenting some safeguards and risk preventing protocols.  We do require the wearing of masks and the use of hand sanitizer as you enter the building.

Covid-19 has been and is still an ongoing challenge but together we have weathered the storm.  We want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU, THE CUSTOMER, for your patience and co-operation during this time and we can only hope it is about to get better.

All of our personnel will still be required to consistently be wiping down surfaces as much as possible and practice good hygiene, ie washing hands  and practicing social distancing.

Together we will keep the trucks rolling for the essential supplies and our staff healthy and working.   Nothing is more important than our communities well being and that of our customers.

Keep Well and Stay Safe



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